buy modafinil romania ex-President , Insignia Health

best place to buy isotretinoin Craig Swanson was Co-Founder and President of Insignia Health. Insignia partners with leading health systems, hospitals, insurers, public health providers and pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and abroad to help individuals become more active self-managers of their health and healthcare. During his tenure at Insignia, Craig served as CFO, COO, CRO and Head of client relations. Insignia sold to Phreesia, Inc (PHR) in December 2021. At the time of sale, Insignia was growing at 30% per year with a 20% net after tax margin. Prior to Insignia Health, Craig co founded Definity Health in 1998 and served in several leadership roles up to the company’s sale to United HealthGroup in December of 2004. His positions included Chief Financial Officer, Strategy and Corporate Development Lead and Head of Operations.